SDCCU Biz Kid$

Introducing SDCCU Biz Kid$

Join us on April 7 from 4:00 – 5:00 p.m. for our exclusive educator Biz Kid$ Teacher Training Webinar Workshop. Register here.

Biz Kid$ Showcase

The Biz Kid$ Showcase competition has been built to attract and engage young members (and families), raise credit union awareness and allow students to continue to be creative in our current virtual world. Beginning at the state level, students, ages 12 – 18 years old, will participate in three learning modules, each focused on a different aspect of business planning. After completing each module, students will work, either as individuals or teams, to create a business plan. Business plans will be judged by a panel of credit union experts from each state. The top three business plans from California and Nevada will be awarded cash prizes and move on to the national portion of the showcase.  At the national level, the top three winners will be awarded additional cash prizes. When registering, please make sure to mention SDCCU in the “How did you hear about the Biz Kid$ Showcase” field. Registration for the Biz Kid$ Showcase is open now through April 26, 2021.

SDCCU is excited to partner with the San Diego County Office of Education and Live Well San Diego to introduce educators to the SDCCU Biz Kid$ program, a financial literacy initiative that teaches kids about money and business. View our financial infographic to learn more about the importance of financial literacy in our schools. The program includes an Emmy award winning television series from the creators of Bill Nye the Science Guy, free classroom curriculum, outreach activities and a website for kids of all ages. All of the Biz Kid$ episodes adhere to national, state and local standards for financial literacy and entrepreneurship education.

The SDCCU Biz Kid$ program provides online resources and now more episodes are available to help educators and parents provide financial education and entertain kids at home.

Follow these steps to get started with Biz Kid$:

  1. Select a topic: Find the topic on the Biz Kid$ website under Lesson Plans. Or you can start on season 1 of 6 which are organized by topic on the Biz Kids YouTube channel. (Topics: Basics, Careers, Credit and Debt, Entrepreneurship, Financial Markets & the Economy, Financial Planning, Personal Finances, Savings and Investing.)
  2. Find and watch the video:
    1. The free short video clips (1-2 minutes) can be watched from the Biz Kid$ website or on the Biz Kid$ YouTube channel.
    2. You can purchase and stream the full episodes (30 minutes) of seasons 1-3 on Amazon Prime or season 6 on Vimeo with more being added soon.
  3. Follow the lesson plan: Find the lesson plan that matches up with the episode number you selected under Lesson Plans on the Biz Kid$ website. Follow along, have the kids complete the worksheets, and most important have fun learning about money together!
Learn more about how SDCCU is supporting our schools and teachers.

Biz Kid$ Events

SDCCU hosts Biz Kid$ events online and in-person. We look forward to you and your kids joining us at an event. For details on upcoming events, visit our Financial Wellness Wednesdays page.   

The need for Biz Kid$ financial literacy programs: