Community Support and Events

Supporting Our Community

Founded in 1938 on the principle that people come first and profits second, we believe our forward-thinking approach to the financial industry is what propelled SDCCU to become San Diego’s largest locally-owned financial institution and BEST Credit Union.

SDCCU is proud to support local non-profit organizations each year throughout San Diego, Riverside and Orange counties. Our partnerships with these philanthropies allow us to help shape the lives of those in our communities through volunteerism, financial support and creating public awareness. Since its inception in 2005, our biggest annual event was the San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl. After 12 years, the final game was played in December 2016. $1 from every ticket sold to the game was donated to a local non-profit, resulting in thousands of dollars given to charities and helping to improve the lives of countless individuals. In addition, the Poinsettia Bowl generated $100 million for the local economy. We are incredibly proud of this impact and continue this support as the title sponsor of the San Diego County Credit Union Holiday Bowl. Over the past 42 years, nearly $975 million has been generated for the local economy, and in 2019, $48,500 was donated to the Biz Kid$ program, a financial literacy initiative that teaches kids about money and business. SDCCU is committed to serving our customers’ financial needs and giving back to our local communities.

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