Corporate Takeovers

Best Practices to Prevent Corporate Takeovers

Is your business doing its due diligence to prevent a corporate account takeover?

Corporate account takeovers are a fast-growing electronic crime where thieves typically use some form of malware to obtain login credentials to corporate online banking accounts and fraudulently transfer money out. Learn how this can happen and what security steps your business can put in place to maximize security.

Because there is no single measure to stop this cyber-crime completely, multiple controls or a “layered security” approach is required to protect your business. Here are some best practices to follow.

Ensure your antivirus and malware software is up-to-date on all devices

  • Always know which antivirus software you use – sometimes malware is disguised as security software, updates or patches

 Keep your software patches up-to-date

Adhere to dual control procedures to ensure that security processes are approved or verified by more than one person

Practice ongoing account monitoring and reconciliation

Receive alerts through SDCCU’s free account alerts

  • Through online banking, set up customized email or text alerts

 Use separate devices to originate and transmit wire and/or ACH instructions

Transmit wire and/or ACH instructions via a dedicated and isolated device that does not have access to web surfing, social networking or external email

Work with a consultant or dedicated IT staff to adopt advanced security procedures

Install routers and firewalls to prevent unauthorized access to your computer or network

Limit administrative rights - do not allow employees to install software without receiving prior approval

Develop an incident response plan, including how staff will be alerted of an issue

Review and update your security policies at least annually

Educate your employees:

  • Train employees that may have access to your online banking on security risks and awareness
  • Ensure employees are using unique and strong passphrases
  • Passphrases should not be saved or written down
  • Do not open or click on links in unfamiliar emails
  • Make sure employees know who to contact if they receive a suspicious email of feel their computer may be compromised
  • If you or your employees suspect any fraudulent activity on your SDCCU account, immediately notify SDCCU via email at
  • You can opt in to our Check Card Overdraft Service, to ensure that you are protected from unintentional returned checks or rejected ATM and debit card transactions

 SDCCU Internet Branch Security

SDCCU has cutting edge security systems in place, including real time system alerting and monitoring controls, online fraud detection and advanced cyber-phishing takedown services. Enhancements to existing security programs range from data loss prevention, technology risk auditing and online member authentication controls to sophisticated encryption systems which keep member information and data secure. As leaders in the industry, member safety and security is our top priority.

Internet Branch online banking with SDCCU is safe and secure. Our enhanced security features can significantly reduce the risk of fraud while logging into Internet Branch. This means going beyond using the traditional combination of Account Number/Username and Password to verify your identity. SDCCU also uses Verisign's Extended Validation (EV) SSL, the highest standard for website authentication.

Be aware of your account activity by enrolling in email or text alerts within Internet Branch. 

San Diego County Credit Union makes no representations or warranties as to the completeness or accuracy of the information that is supplied on this page. Information is supplied upon the condition that the persons receiving it will make their own determination as to its suitability for their purposes prior to use. 

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