Bill Payer Plus®

Save time and money by making payments online with the convenience of Bill Payer Plus1, our easy online bill payment service.

Bill Payer Plus® online bill pay provides:

  • Easy access to your bills
  • Freedom to pay almost anyone² at any time
  • Unrestricted limits on the number of bills paid monthly
  • Schedule one-time or recurring payments at your discretion
  • Overnight and same-day payments available for select billers for a fee
  • Payment from your choice of SDCCU checking accounts
  • Ability to track payments and view up to 18-months of payment history
  • Access via a secure connection with a high level of encryption
  • Bill notifications via eBills from your payees

Enroll today! Log into Internet Branch free online banking and click Bill Payer Plus.

¹Bill Payer Plus is $4.95 per month. Fee waived with a Free Checking with eStatements account or three or more payments per calendar month.
²Tax or court ordered payments, payments to payees outside of the United States and State and Federal tax payments are prohibited.
³Recipient will need to enroll with Popmoney the first time they use this service. Text message rates may apply from the wireless provider. Valid in U.S. only.
Refer to the Consumer Services Fee Schedule for applicable fees.
Frequently asked questions
  • What is Bill Payer Plus?

    Bill Payer Plus is our online bill payment service. Paying your bills with Bill Payer Plus is convenient, easy and secure. With Bill Payer Plus you can view select bills, pay almost all of your bills and view past payments with just a few clicks of your mouse.

  • What does Bill Payer Plus cost?
    Bill Payer Plus is $0 with FREE Checking with eStatements accounts. For other accounts, the $4.95 monthly fee is waived when used to make three or more payments per calendar month. 
  • Who can I pay with Bill Payer Plus?
    Bill Payer Plus gives you the freedom to pay almost anyone, at any time. Tax or court ordered payments, payments to payees outside of the United States, State and Federal tax payments are prohibited.
  • What do I need in order to use Bill Payer Plus?
    You need to enroll in our free Internet Branch online banking service to access Bill Payer Plus. Once you are logged into Internet Branch, simply click on the Bill Payer Plus tab to enroll and you are ready to start paying your bills the easy way.
  • When will the money come out of my account when using Bill Payer Plus?
    The money will be withdrawn from your account when the bill is paid, not the day you schedule the payment. If you schedule a bill today to go out the first of next month, the money will come out of your account on the first of next month.
  • What is Popmoney?
    Popmoney is the easy way to send money to anyone within the US. All you need is their mobile phone number, email address or account number to send them money electronically, no matter where they bank.
  • What does Popmoney cost?
    There is no cost to use Popmoney. Since Popmoney is part of our Bill Payer Plus service, you must enroll in Bill Payer Plus to send funds through Popmoney. The Bill Payer Plus $4.95 monthly fee is waived with: all FREE Checking with eStatements accounts or when used to make three or more payments (not including Popmoney payments) per calendar month. Popmoney instant is available for a fee
  • Who can I pay with Popmoney?
    You can pay anyone with a bank account. The recipient will receive a text message or email with instructions on how to claim their money. They will need to register with Popmoney the first time they use the service.
  • Is Popmoney available outside the U.S.?
    The Popmoney personal payment service is only available for use between banking accounts that are located in the United States.
  • How much can I send through Popmoney?
    The minimum payment amount is $5. The maximum amount you're allowed to send is listed next to the Amount field within Popmoney. This amount is reduced each time you send a payment and then reset on a rolling seven day period. For example, if your maximum amount is $1,000 and you send $100 to someone, your maximum amount changes to $900 for the day. When your maximum amount reaches $0, you cannot send money until it resets. Note: Next day payments to other Popmoney users are limited to $500 per day.
  • How do I send a payment with Popmoney?
    Log into online banking and access Bill Payer Plus. Click on the Popmoney button at the top. Then just enter the recipient's name, mobile phone number, email address or account number, the amount of the payment, your personal message and click Send.
  • How do I claim a payment with Popmoney?
    Members: Bill Payer Plus users can simply log into Bill Payer Plus, click Popmoney and then click the Claim Money link. No action is required on money sent from one SDCCU Popmoney user to another. If you do not wish to enroll in Bill Payer Plus, follow the non-member instructions below. 

    Non-members: Access, enter your mobile phone number or email address, enter the Secure Transaction Code you received by text or email and click Get Money. You will need to enter your financial account information and go through a verification process the first time you access the site.
  • How long does the payment with Popmoney take?
    Payments usually take around one business day once the recipient is registered with the Popmoney network. The initial payment can take up to four business days after enrollment.
  • When enrolling in Popmoney, why does it say my email address or phone number is already in use?
    Some financial institutions that offer Popmoney may auto-enroll you in this service. This means that your email address and/or phone number may already be associated with your profile at that institution. You can only use one email address and phone number per Popmoney profile. This is how Popmoney identifies what account to deposit/debit your payments from/to. To enroll in SDCCU's Popmoney, you will need to unsubscribe with your other financial institution or use an alternate email address and phone number. Enroll today!