Workout Loan Assistance

If you find yourself unable to manage your loan payments, contact your primary lender right away. The sooner your lender knows about your situation the better chance you have of working out a solution. Waiting to find assistance will put you further behind in your payments and increase your chances of defaulting on your loan.
SDCCU is here to help! You may request that SDCCU consider options to defer payment(s) or modify the terms on your loan. This is called a "Workout Loan." There is no cost to request a Workout Loan and you don't need to be behind on your payments to act. The sooner you act, the sooner we can help!
The following Workout Loan options may be available to members who are unable to afford their monthly loan payment:
  • Payment Deferment – If you are one, two, or in some situations, three months behind in your payments, we may be able to defer your payment and extend your loan.
  • Loan Modification – A temporary change in the repayment terms of your loan.
  • Refinance – Obtain a new loan, if you qualify.
  • Loan Repayment Plan – Repay the amount you are behind over several months (this option available for home loans only).

Get started by downloading a Workout Loan request below:

You are still responsible for making your payment(s) while your Workout Loan request is being reviewed. Collection efforts, late fees and late payment reporting to credit bureau(s) may occur if your loan payment is past due.