SDCCU Routing Number

What is SDCCU's routing number?

SDCCU routing number: 322281617
San Diego County Credit Union’s ABA routing number is available for your financial and direct deposit needs.
Where can I find my account number?
Your account number is printed at the bottom of your personal checks. You can also find this number in Internet Branch online banking. Your account number will be displayed at the top right of your screen. Click on your account number in the upper right hand screen, then click “Account Number Help”.

Each sub account (savings, checking, etc.) has a 2 digit suffix attached to your account number. The leading zeros and suffix are required for checks, ACH, wire transfers and direct deposit. Your full account number is 12 digits.
For example: 000 + 1234567 + 90 = 000123456790 -or- 00 + 12345678 + 92 = 001234567892.  

What is a suffix/share ID?
A suffix/share ID helps differentiate between account types. For example, if you set up direct deposit and want it to go to your checking account, you need to add your checking suffix, 90 for example, to your account number. You may find your account suffix in Internet Branch online banking or on your account statements.

check showing routing number account number and check number

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