Visa® Checkout

Visa Checkout and Verified by Visa

Shop. Click. Buy. It’s that easy with Visa Checkout. Visa Checkout lets you easily and securely make online purchases without having to re-enter your credit card or shipping information. Visa Checkout simplifies the payment experience for you.

Just enroll your SDCCU Visas. Then pay with Visa Checkout - it's easy to spot. 

Skip typing in your card and shipping info every time you make an online purchase. Just use your Visa Checkout login to pay and that's it.

Shop worry-free. Your info is stored behind multiple layers of security. 

Visa Checkout is as easy as 1-2-3! 
  1. Visit Visa Checkout.
  2. Select "Create Personal Account" and set up your account.
  3. Enter your SDCCU Visa card(s) information to enroll. You're done!
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Verified by Visa

Verified by Visa service provides additional protection when making purchases online with your Visa credit card. By selecting a personal password for each Visa credit card, participating online merchants can verify your identity before completing a transaction. Once your card is activated in the program, the card number will be recognized at participating online stores. You'll be asked to enter your password in the Verified by Visa window before the transaction can be completed. If an online store is not participating in the program, your Visa will work as usual.
Learn more about Verified by Visa and read our debit and credit card protection tips to learn more ways to safeguard your information.