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As a current member benefit, SDCCU often processes payrolls, direct deposits and merchant payments up to one day early. New National Automatic Clearing House Association (NACHA) guidelines go into effect March 2018 that will speed up the processing and move money and payments faster through the Federal Reserve System. This means electronic deposits and withdrawals may be credited or debited to or from your account much faster, and in some instances the same day. We encourage you to make sure you have sufficient available funds in your account to cover transactions/payments that you authorize.

Additionally, even though we may not be able to deposit the funds prior to the scheduled payment date, please rest assured that your funds will be posted on the actual date provided on your direct deposit advice, check stub or settlement statement.

Q: You sometimes post my direct deposit early, will this stay the same? 
A: It has been our practice to post your electronic deposits up to a day early; however, this could change with the new NACHA rules. SDCCU may not necessarily receive your deposits until your actual pay date.

Q: I schedule automatic payments based upon receiving my deposit a day early, what happens now? 
A: While this has previously been a member benefit, you should modify your automatic payments based on your expected direct deposit dates.

Q: What changes do I need to be concerned with when it comes to SDCCU posting deposits or withdrawals to/from my account? 
A: Please know that electronic deposits and/or withdrawals will be posted to your account faster upon receipt of such payment and in the order they are received.

Q: Why are checks posted differently from other transactions that post upon receipt? 
A: Checks presented to SDCCU from another financial institution that are not electronically converted to ACH will be posted to your account at the end of the business day. These checks will post to your account from the lowest to the highest dollar amount.

Q: What are electronic check conversion transactions? 
A: Some merchants convert your paper checks into an electronic format and process those checks via the ACH system. When this occurs, the merchant usually gives the original paper check back to you. 

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