Transfer Your Balance Today

Take Advantage of Our Balance Transfer Promo

Promo 0% APR1 through January 1, 2019 on Balance Transfers!

Current APR on balance transfers 13.99%-23.99% APR.²


If you're paying high interest charges on your credit card balance every month, take advantage of our special balance transfer offer.

Pay 0% Promo APR¹ through January 1, 2019, for well-qualified cardholders, on balances you transfer to your SDCCU Visa by May 1, 2018. After this promo period, your then current APR for balance transfers applies, currently 13.99%-23.99% APR.²

Visit any of our branch locations or call (877) 732-2848 to see if you're eligible.
Don't have a SDCCU Visa card yet? 

Offer not available on all credit card products. This promotional rate offer is available only for well-qualified cardholders. Current cardholders: Call to see if you're eligible.

¹Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for Balance Transfer: 0.00% promotional APR through 1/1/2019. After 1/1/2019, you will be charged your then current APR for balance transfers, currently 13.99%-23.99%.
²Use by Date: Your transfer must clear on or before 5/1/2018 for the promotional APR to apply. If your transfer clears after that date, we may still honor the transfer, but you will not receive the promotional APR. Instead, your then current APR for balance transfers will apply.

Fee: 2.75% of the amount of each transaction ($1 minimum). You may transfer up to your credit limit or $10,000, whichever is less, through 5/1/2018.
Annual Fee: Visa Signature: $89; Visa Platinum: None. See additional rates and fees
Paying Interest on Your Promotional Balance Transfer: If you elect to perform a balance transfer using this promotion and then use your SDCCU credit card for new purchases, you will be charged interest immediately on those purchases unless you pay the entire balance, including the promotional balance, by the due date.
We will begin charging interest on these promotional balance transfers on 1/2/2019.
Visa Balance Transfer Disclosures: Qualified members may request a balance transfer by calling us at (877) 732-2848 or by visiting any of our branch locations. It may take up to 14 days for your balance transfer request to be processed. You are responsible for confirming the transfer request is posted on your other loan(s) and making payments on any outstanding/remaining balance(s) on those other loan(s). SDCCU is not responsible for fees and finance charges incurred by you on your other loan(s). SDCCU reserves the right to refuse a request (for example if it exceeds the available credit) and/or may complete a request in a partial amount. Requests must be legible, may not be payable to private individuals, cash, yourself or SDCCU and are subject to approval by SDCCU. This offer is not applicable on previous transactions and/or existing balance transfers.