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Visa Card Not Working? Possible Card Compromise

SDCCU | 6/06/2017 05:25 p.m.
SDCCU, along with several other financial institutions, has been notified that Visa® information, which includes a select number of our member’s credit and debit cards, may have been obtained by unauthorized individuals. 

What You Need To Know

What is a card compromise?
SDCCU, along with several other financial institutions, has been notified that Visa® information, which includes a select number of our member’s credit and debit cards, may have been obtained by unauthorized individuals. Activities such as these are usually the result of organized crime. Please rest assured that in no way was the integrity of SDCCU’s security breached.

What information may have been compromised?
Card information such as name, card data, and expiration date may have been compromised. The card compromise does not include information such as your social security number, account number, address or date of birth.

Whose fault is this?
As noted, several financial institutions have been notified that some of their debit/credit cards may have been impacted. Please rest assured that in no way was the integrity of SDCCU’s security breached. However, we do not give the name of any merchant or organization that may have been involved.

How do we know what cards were affected?
Visa provides us a list of potentially compromised cards.

What do I do?
Depending on the type of data that was potentially compromised, SDCCU takes appropriate steps to safeguard your account. 

In some cases, you do not need to do anything. Identified cards will be placed in an enhanced fraud detection strategy to more closely monitor for potential at-risk transactions. We will then reissue new cards to all identified accounts and those members will be receiving new cards in the mail within 10 business days. In the meantime, you can continue to use your card as you normally would. Once you receive the new card(s), you should activate the new card immediately and destroy existing card(s). The new cards will have a new card number and you will be able to use your current PIN.

In other cases, SDCCU will disable potentially compromised cards immediately and you will have two options to receive a new card. 
  • Option 1 - Visit any of our more than 40 convenient branch locations and get a new card on the spot. This option will allow you to get a new card immediately and select your own PIN. 
  • Option 2 - We can mail a new card to you. With this option, you will be assigned a new PIN and the card will take approximately 7 to 10 business days to receive.

What precautions should I take?
You should view your card activity by logging into Internet Branch online banking at and as always, review monthly statements. Report any suspicious or fraudulent activity to us immediately.
If you have automatic payments charged to your SDCCU Visa debit or credit cards (gym memberships, insurance, etc.), you will need to provide the new card number and expiration date to those companies to ensure no disruption in payments.

To help increase your account awareness, you can set-up real time alerts for low balances, large transactions and more using the MoneyTracker tool in Internet Branch online banking. Just log into Internet Branch online banking, click MoneyTracker and click Alerts. 

SDCCU offers free and convenient real-time fraud alerts via text message. These alerts can help prevent fraudulent activity on your signature-based debit and credit transactions. Enroll at

Please review all the account security tips and informational videos we have available on our site at


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